Terms of Usage

1. Basic terms and definitions

Administration — is a legal entity that is the owner of the Site.

Permanent Site address — http://maindoor.ru.

User — is an individual or legal entity who accesses a web resource through the Internet.

Regulations — is an agreement that regulates the relations between the Administration and the User, that defines the conditions and procedure for use of the Site. In accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation, Regulation — is a public offer addressed to the Users by the Site Administation.

Account belongs to the User, who created it at the Site registration and allows the Administration to recognize each User with a unique user’s name and password. The User determines the login and password to access his account during registration and can change them.

Contents include design elements, images, graphics, scripts, computer programs, sounds, and other objects, the rights to which belong to the Administration, Users, partners of the Administration or other parties.

User Profile — is a section of the Site, which contains information placed in User’s account, which is available to be downloaded by other users.

2. General Provisions

2.1. Rules shall govern the relationship between the Administration of Sites and the Users involved in making use of the Site and the provision of services to the User.

2.2. The current version of the Rules is available on the Internet at http://maindoor.ru/terms.

3. Terms of Use

3.1. By using the Site, the User confirms the fact that he has read and agrees to abide by these rules. The administration reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify and / or supplement the rules at any time without prior and / or subsequent notice.

3.2. During the registration process the User is obliged to specify only accurate information (name, sex, date of birth, etc.). To login to the site the User assigns his username and password. These data are unique and personal information that can not be disclosed (except as otherwise provided by this law and / or the Regulations). In the event of fraud and / or engage in other illegal actions from the account for the loss of password the User assumes his responsibility. We strongly recommend that you choose a password that third parties are not able to hack.

3.3. Personal data, the User indicates during the registration (surname, first name, date of birth, place of residence and so on.) is handled by the Administration for the execution of the Regulations and the provision of services to the Users through the Site.

3.4. Joining the Rules and placing data in his account and / or profile the User deliberately agrees that this information will be available to the other users via his Profile, as well as the processing of personal data by the Administration.

3.5. After the Account’s registration, the User has the right to fill the Account (and / or the Site) Content, add materials in accordance with the provided functionality and to enjoy other rights granted by the Administration, subject to the Rules.

3.6. Site Administration provides round the clock operation of the Site, but does not guarantee that there will be interruptions related to technical malfunctions or performing preventive maintenance.

3.7. The use of the User Content posted on the Site Administration, and other Members shall be permitted within the functional Site in compliance with all permits and restrictions that can be installed by the right holder, provided that the signs of authorship or other notices of authorship, preservation of the author's name are intact.

4. Rights and obligations of the Site Administration

4.1. Site Administration has all necessary rights to the Content (included in the Site software, databases, information materials, graphics, etc.), trade name, trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs of the Site.

4.2. Site Administration has the right to: current management of the Site; appointment of its structure and appearance; tolerance limit users to the Site, and so on.

4.4. Site Administration decides on the order of placement on the website advertising, participation in affiliate programs, etc.

4.5. Site Administration has the right to:

4.5.1. Amend or modify the scripts, software, server software, content and other objects that are stored or used on the Site, as well as the design of the website and its content, with or without notice, at any time;

4.5.2. At its discretion and without notice to remove any information and any Content, including, but not limited to, violating the laws of the Russian Federation, the provisions of the Rules, the rights of other users or third parties, and / or cause them harm or threaten the safety;

4.5.3. Temporarily restrict or deny access to any section of the User of the Site, at any time and without giving any reason, with or without notice;

4.5.4. At its discretion, delete a User’s account (in case, if the User’s actions that do not comly with the laws of the Russian Federation or the provisions of the Regulations);

4.5.5. Provide paid services to the User;

5. The rights and obligations of the User

5.1. The user has the right to:

5.1.1. Change the username and password, configure the Account and Profile

5.1.2.Post to his account reliable information about himself;

5.1.3. Carry out other activities that are associated with the use of the Site and is not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the Regulations.

5.2. The user undertakes to:

5.2.1. Indicate only true information during the registration process;

5.2.2. To take all the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of his login and password, including ensure that the password is not saved in the browser with the possible use of the computer by others;

5.2.3. Notify the administration of all cases of action in respect of the User, who may be regarded as offensive, derogatory, defamatory, etc .;

5.2.4. Do not perform the acts specified in section 6 of the prohibited acts;

5.2.5. Observe the rules of submission of ads published at http://maindoor.ru/rules.

5.2.6. Periodically check the contents of the Rules on the Internet at http://maindoor.ru/terms and monitor, as amended.

6.The User is prohibited to:

6.1. Collect personal data about other Users;

6.2. Use any means to collect information on the Site;

6.3. Agitate, to promote social, racial, national or religious discrimination, war propaganda;

6.4. Place on the Site confidential information of third parties, without sufficient rights;

6.5. Publish on the Site, post, copy, transfer, sell, reproduce, process, distribute, communicate to the public, download, otherwise use Content Administration, other Users or third parties without their permission, except as otherwise established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and According to the Regulation, as well as in cases where the right holder explicitly consented to freely use their own content by any person. The User is forbidden to post content on the Site, without having to do the necessary rights and / or without the consent of the copyright holder.

Uploading the Content, User acknowledges having received authorization and consent by third parties and rights holders, and that such an arrangement does not violate their rights and legitimate interests.

6.6. Place on the Site or transmit in any way materials, the content of which contains threats, incitement to violence, commit illegal, anti-social and immoral acts, the commission of any acts contrary to the principles of public order and morality, as well as insulting, discrediting other users and other persons or may be regarded as such;

6.7. Place on the Site any materials that cause or may cause damage to the honor, dignity and business reputation of the person or business reputation of the organization;

6.8. Use the profanity on the Site;

6.9. Place on the Site pornographic material or links to web resources containing such materials;

6.10. Place on the Site personal data about other users or other persons without their prior consent;

6.11. Register more than one Account by one and the same person;

6.12. To attempt hacking, unauthorized access to the management of the site, its closed sections, or other Users' accounts (through selection or entering a password), to try to destabilize the operation of the Site, as well as perform any other similar actions;

6.13. To carry out a mass mailing of commercial, political, advertising or any other information without permission.