Property listing rules

1. Rules acceptance.

1.1 These rules are accepted by the User unconditionally, immediately after creating an account on the Site. If you disagree with these Terms, please leave the Site.

1.2 can change this document at any time without prior notice, therefore we recommend to periodically visit this page to learn about the content.

2. Ads moderating

2.1 All offers of sale or lease of real estate are moderated - checked for compliance with the rules of serving ads. Announcement published on the Site only after successful completion of moderation.

2.2 In the event that your ad violates any of the provisions of these Regulations, it is given the status "Rejected" with the reason for refusing to publish. You can fix the content of the ads and resubmit an ad for moderation.

3. The content of advertisements

Only the ads only on the following topics are welcomed:

  • Apartments for sale
  • Sale of rooms (excluding apartment share)
  • Sale of houses or parts of houses and other types of residential real estate, as well as houses and land plots for private use and residence
  • Sale of commercial real estate
  • Renting rooms and apartments (excluding hotel rooms, share a room)
  • Apartments for rent
  • Rental homes, cottages, villas and other types of real estate
  • Lease of commercial real estate.

3.2 The User undertakes to indicate the ad only accurate information about the property.

3.3 The advertisement is prohibited to distribute any information (including contact details, links, advertising, etc..), not directly related to the property.

3.4 The Site is forbidden to publish:

  • Duplicate ads (including other accounts);
  • Ads for non-existent in reality facilities;
  • Classified under the guise of private realtors owners;
  • Ads from the third parties.

4. Rules for ad writing.

4.1 Add title shall:

  • comply with the contents and property described in the declaration,
  • be written only in English or in Russian;

4.2 Title and text ads must conform strictly to the selected partition.

4.3 Title and text ads are prohibited from:

  • use of abbreviations;
  • write only in capital letters;
  • alternation of capital and small letters in one,
  • the use of numbers
  • under the guise of ads to promote all kinds of services,
  • intentionally misrepresent or understate the price of the object.

4.4 Title and ad text user is obliged to:

  • observe the rules of spelling and grammar,
  • proper use of punctuation and gaps,
  • start a new sentence with a capital letter,
  • start a new paragraph with a capital letter and a new line
  • to indicate the state of the object.

5. Terms of photos adding.

5.1 Each ad on the Site is allowed to add unlimited number of photographs of the object.

5.2 Prohibited add pictures that are not related to the property described in the ad.

5.3 Prohibited add photos containing contact details, text or other vatermark.

5.4 Publication of others pictures (with details of any sites or real estate agencies).

6. Address of the property and the location on the map

6.1 When adding ads one must specify the full and exact address of the location of the property - country, region, street name, street name and house number.

6.2 When selecting the location of the object on the map marker on the map must necessarily match the address of the object.

7. Property specification.

7.1 When adding the announcement of the property, the User is prompted to enter information about the characteristics of the object (such as the area of the property, number of floors, number of rooms, the sale price / rent, etc.). It is recommended to be administered as soon as possible for more information.

7.2 In the event of discrepancies or obviously false information in the characteristics of the object, an ad will not be published.

7.3 The cost of the property must be listed in one of the available currencies on the Site: in rubles, dollars or euros.

8. Administration's actions in case of the Rules violation.

8.1 Site Administration reserves the right to block any ads to Users if they are not caused by complying with the rules or cause any doubts.

8.2 When submitting multiple ads that violate the Regulation, Site adminisration has the right to:

  • permanently delete the infringing or all of the User property ads
  • lock the user account to the period for which deems it necessary
  • to remove a user account without refund of money spent.